Nuturing Independent Readers

Branches nurtures growing readers by stretching their abilities with stories and text that are neither too easy, nor too difficult–developing confidence and facilitating comprehension!

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Motivating Readers

Did you know?
When kids have favorite characters, they love to follow their adventures in book after book.

But it's not just love of characters that make book series so important for beginning readers! As a new reader, there's a lot to digest in a book – the story structure, the characters, the setting, the tone... Reading books in a series allows a comfort level with many aspects of the book, so readers can focus on something else...the words!

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Motivating Readers

Want to monitor your growing readers' success at home or in the classroom? Have them keep a reading log – tracking the titles of the books they' re reading, the number of minutes or pages read each day, the date they started the book, and the date they finished. Even invite them to mention whether they'd recommend it to a friend!

Looking for your growing reader's next step?
Scholastic proudly presents Branches–a unique line of books specifically designed for newly independent readers who are ready to make the exciting leap from leveled readers, but not quite prepared for a traditional chapter book.

Bridging the gap between leveled readers and traditional chapter books

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Independent Readers Can
Independent readers can...
Recognize many
sight words
Utilize different strategies such as context clues to determine unfamiliar words
Integrate meaning, syntax, and phonics easily
Read with fluency, expression, and proper phrasing
Handle longer, more complex texts with short chapters & engaging characters
Monitoring Progress

Want to monitor your growing readers' success at home or in the classroom?

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Components of Branches Books
All Branches books are Common Core-ready and include:

Easy-to-read text

Simple plotlines

Plenty of context clues

Purposeful illustrations that aid reading comprehension

Motivating Readers

Motivate growing readers by offering them series–kids love to read about characters they already know!

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