Pig the Pug Books: Sniff Out Lessons in Sharing (and More!) for PreK

Pre-readers can learn sharing, kindness, honesty and more through the antics of Aaron Blabey's hilarious pug, Pig.
Nov 12, 2018



Pig the Pug Books: Sniff Out Lessons in Sharing (and More!) for PreK

Nov 12, 2018

Young readers and dog lovers will delight in Aaron Blabey's bestselling Pig the Pug series. Each story is written in playful rhyme with lively illustrations and features the adorable but selfish pug, Pig, who comes to see the value of sharing, honesty, sportsmanship, and more. Following mischief and mayhem — like cheating on a kibble eating contest, lying to his best friend Trevor the dachshund, and being unwilling to share his toys — Pig always learns his lesson and finds out how to be a little kinder.

The Pig the Pig series is already a hugely popular kids' favorite and a classroom go-to book to encourage sharing. And if your own young-reader-turned-independent-reader already enjoys these entertaining dog tales, he's sure to love Blabey's animal crime-fighting hit adventure series, The Bad Guys

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