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Food Safety Fun!

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Tips for the
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Use these fun family activities to practice
food safety in your home.
Safe Food Tips

Easy steps to
protect your

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Food Fun

Challenge your
kids to some
food fun.

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Let’s Cook!

Recipes to
practice safety skills
with your kids.

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Safety Race

Test what your kids
learned with this
mini-board game.

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Practice Food Safety With Alvin and the Chipmunks

CLEAN: Bacteria hang out on hands, food,
and surfaces. That is why it is important to
practice thorough washing to stay food safe.
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SEPARATE: You'll need more than clean
surfaces to keep ready-to-eat foods safe from
the bacteria carried by raw meat and poultry.
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COOK: Color and texture won't
tell you whether your food is done.
Learn how food thermometers can
help keep you safe. Get Cook tips.

CHILL: Prompt refrigeration is the key to
keeping illness-causing bacteria from growing.
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