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America the Beautiful, Third Series bursts with original new content and brims with new maps, charts, and graphs that accurately reflect current events. It brings alive the geography, history, people, economy, and government of our 50 states like no other series.

How to use this book  
How To Use This Book
The first page of each title highlights specific features to help students find exactly what they need.
How to use this book  
Table of Contents
Heavily illustrated and annotated to organize and frame the contents so readers are engaged from the start.
How to use this book  
Welcome To…
New introductory spreads welcome readers to each state with a beautifully illustrated state map, plus the origin story for each state’s name.
How to use this book  
Project Room
An exciting and important new feature that provides a wealth of creative, standards-based ideas for school assignments.
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The ATB “Wow” factor
America the Beautiful has always set the standard for amazing state facts and statistics.
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Chapter Openers
Includes mini-tables of contents and high interest teasers to motivate readers to learn more. In history chapters, illustrated timelines graphically reinforce state history and major events.
How to use this book  
Eat Like a…
Tasty treats and culinary specialties of each state, plus a kid-friendly recipe to try.

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