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America the Beautiful has always set the standard for fascinating state facts and statistics. Now the series is fresher, more dynamic, and easier to use with completely rewritten text, more vibrant covers, compelling chapter openers, and fun features designed to keep today’s students turning the pages.

Experience the ATB3 “WOW” factor!

Compelling & Visually Dynamic
  • New Cover Designs
    Covers are more attractive and informative than ever. Turn to the back cover for a Q&A that reveals a fun fact about each state: What’s cool about California? What’s awesome about Arizona? What’s hot about Hawaii?
  • New Tables of Contents
    Heavily illustrated and annotated to organize and frame the contents so readers are engaged from the start.
  • The ATB “Wow!" Factor
    America the Beautiful has always set the standard for amazing state facts and statistics. Now, there’s an added graphic feature that will make readers say “Wow!”

Easier for Students to Use
  • How to use this book
    The first page of each title highlights specific features to help students find exactly what they need.
  • Author’s source notes
    Notes from each author about how they researched the book, including shortcuts, tips, and sources.
  • Chapter openers
    Include mini-tables of contents and high-interest teasers to motivate readers to learn more. Illustrated timelines graphically reinforce state history and major events.
  • Words to know
    Content-area vocabulary words are defined right on the page.

Better Research Tools

  • Welcome To…
    New introductory spreads welcome readers to each state with a beautifully illustrated state map, plus the origin story for each state’s name.
  • Project Room
    An exciting and important new feature that provides a wealth of creative, standards-based ideas for school assignments, such as creating blogs and PowerPoint presentations, designing geographical photo albums, writing research papers or editorials, and creating your own primary sources.
  • Biographical Dictionary
    Brief biographies of notable individuals from each state in fields ranging from the arts to science, civil rights, sports, popular culture, politics, and more.
  • New maps, charts, and graphs
    Reflect current events and up-to-date changes. Maps are heavily illustrated, easier to read, and more useful for all kinds of research projects.
  • Think About It
    Compelling sidebars present opposing points of view on important issues to build critical thinking and conflict resolution skills.
  • Capitol Facts
    Statistics and unique facts about each state’s capitol building.

And Even More Fun Facts & Figures

  • See It Here! Suggested sightseeing trips and places to visit.
  • Picture Yourself An inside look at life as a kid during different periods of each state’s history.
  • Mini Bios Insightful short biographies in each chapter profile a diverse range of people who had an impact on the state.
  • Talk Like a… Words and phrases specific to each state.
  • Eat Like a… Tasty treats and culinary specialties of each state, plus a kid-friendly recipe to try.
  • State symbols, songs, and flags Including traceable state seal and flag.
  • Weird laws A look at some of the strange and often unbelievable laws passed by towns and states over the years.

You can view samples of many of these features to get to know them up close, and also read our competitor comparison to find out how America the Beautiful, Third Series compares to other products on the market.

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