Administr@tor Magazine
May 2006
Scholastic Administr@tor - September / October 2008 cover
  • Pay and Perks for School Chiefs
    The salary packages for the nation’s leading administrators are less about money and more about the extras. Here’s a little advice on how you can sweeten your own deal.
  • Stop Blaming, Start Teaching
    Parents, teachers, lawmakers ... there’s always someone to blame for the problems in your schools. But what if we focused on solutions instead? What could we achieve then?
  • Cutting-edge Libraries
    With all the new data available on the web, a wired media center is essential for turning students into savvy researchers. How does yours stack up?
  • District Spotlight
    Assistive technology was designed to help students with special needs, but some educators have found it to be instrumental for all.
  • Newsmaker
    Superintendent James Williams is determined to fix Buffalo (NY) Public Schools. And he doesn’t care whose feathers he has to ruffle to make it happen.
  • Plugged In
    Is the “65 percent solution” friend or foe?; summer PD opportunities; funding finds; big deals; junket justifiers; and more.
  • Tech Tools: Monitors (PDF)
    Flat-screen displays now offer more than a pretty picture. Large viewing areas, swivel screens, and moderate prices make them good bets for schools.
  • Future Schools
    Whitman-Hanson Regional High School in Massachusetts has turned “environmentally friendly” into “budget friendly.” Here’s how.
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