As you know, it's important to encourage students to pick up books that excite them, even when they aren't in school. Giving each student a book for the summer builds their confidence to tackle challenging books and motivates them to develop a love for reading. We made it easy to keep reading skills on track all summer long with this supersized series collection.

There's truly something for every type of reader in this book list, which is filled with individual titles and book collections from popular series. There are tremendous benefits in giving a student the first book in a series and then having the rest available in your classroom library — once they're hooked on the first book, they'll keep returning to read more. 

Elementary and middle school readers will love discovering new favorite characters like Bub from Diary of a Pug and Truly from Princess Truly, who will stay with them all summer long. 

Shop the top series for summer reading below. You can find all books and activities at The Teacher Store

Series Book Packs & Sets

Get more books your students will love for less with series book packs! Whether you're supplementing with more books in a series or beginning one with a boxed set, book packs bring more titles to your students' hands. 

Student Favorites

There are so many memorable stand-alone titles or the first books in series that can inspire or further grow a love of reading in your students. From fiction to nonfiction and beyond, give them great books they'll love to discover. 

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