As the end of the school year approaches, it’s time to think about how your students can build upon the skills they (and you!) worked so hard to develop throughout the year. 

One way to do that this summer: Give every student a book! Stock up on affordable copies of incredible books, ranging from those in the I Survived series to the Fly Guy series.

According to the most recent Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report, 41% of kids say they get most of the books they read for fun from their school. Book access diminishes significantly for kids while school is out for summer break, so it's critically important to increase book access. When students are given access to books for the summer, they are more likely to accelerate their reading levels and receive greater support from their parents, per the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report

With Scholastic's ClassroomsCount™ platform, educators can also easily raise funds to send books home with their students. A ClassroomsCount™ campaign is free to set up and can be created in minutes. Teachers can share their campaigns and raise funds quickly to spend across Scholastic on books and resources for summer reading and beyond. 

To provide some inspiration, our book list features a variety of books, featuring different genres and reading levels. For younger students entering kindergarten, Clifford Goes to Kindergarten is the perfect book to ease their nerves and get them excited about their first year of elementary school.

For students in grades 4-5, I Survived the American Revolution, 1776 is a riveting historical fiction novel about the bloody war in which the 13 American colonies broke apart from England and away from King George III. These books will help your students build reading comprehension skills and develop a love for reading.

Shop books for the summer below! You can find all books and resources at The Teacher Store.

For more books to give to your students for summer reading, check out these Summer Workbooks for Students That Accelerate Learning and Grab and Go Student Book Packs Under $30!  

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