From fighting to end slavery to gaining the right to vote and rocketing into space, women have made an enormous impact on history. 

Introduce your students to the amazing contributions of women in the fields of STEM/STEAM with titles like Women in Science: Rachel Carson, which teaches kids about the world-famous marine biologist (for more, see our full list of books about nature and the environment).

Another must-read is Hidden Figures, the exciting true story about the four Black women responsible for getting the U.S. to the moon! (Share more Black stories in class with these inspiring reads.) 

Also teach students about the bravery of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who devoted her life to bringing equality and justice for all throughout her career with You Are a Star: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Plus, encourage your students to follow the daring and fearless example of world-class gymnast Simone Biles, who achieved her dream of becoming an Olympic gold medalist with the eponymous Simone Biles.

Bring these important figures to life for students with must-read books about women in history. Including biographies, memoirs, and historical narratives, these selections will inspire all young readers (and can also be used in studying the fun and exciting genre of nonfiction) and are perfect for in-depth study and book reports

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