Buzzing bees, vibrant flowers, and a few springtime showers: The spring season is an ideal time for your students to learn more about nature! Our nature and environment book list covers grades K-6 and has all sorts of reads that break down important concepts your students should be learning about. Add these thought-provoking STEM books to your classroom collection! 

There is Lola Plants a Garden, a captivating picture book about a girl who is inspired to plant a garden with the help of her mom. The story highlights the importance of patience when tending to plants and flowers. Young readers will marvel at the meticulous process of gardening (from buying seeds to watering)—and perhaps be inspired to do the same with their families. 

Moreover, To Change a Planet is a great introduction to earth science topics, such as natural habitats and climate change. Your students will love to learn about how to make the world better and protect earth from CO2 emissions. This book is a perfect STEM read for Earth Day and a good way to incentivize your students to brainstorm ways to be eco-friendly. 

Explore books about nature and the environment  with the riveting reads below! You can find all books and activities at The Teacher Store.


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