Kindness, generosity, and empathy: characters who exhibit these qualities model positive behavior for young readers who are still learning to manage their emotions and form healthy relationships. When readers see characters sharing, helping others in need, and spreading kindness in their communities, students can walk away with valuable lessons about how to be a good friend, classmate, and citizen of the world.

For instance, Try a Little Kindness is a sweet picture book with adorable animal illustrations that teaches kids how to practice manners and share with others. 

And in The Three Questions, Nikolai wants to be the best person he can be, but he needs a little help. Nikolai turns to Leo, the wise turtle, and learns universal truths through a series of events. Young readers will marvel at this timeless fable! Meanwhile, book packs like Tolerance & Acceptance Grades K-2 will further enhance your classroom read-aloud time and lesson plans.

Reading stories about caring and helping others is compelling way to foster a community of kindness in your classroom. 

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