Teaching kindness and empathy as early as possible is key to creating a classroom culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and acceptance. Of course, this isn't always as easy as it seems! Luckily, books can help your students understand the concepts of kindness within the classroom.

For instance, What Does It Mean to be Kind? captures the power of kind acts and encourages readers to practice kindness in their communities. There's also Try a Little Kindness — a heartwarming picture book about different ways to be a good person. This book will teach your students to have good manners and help others whenever possible. 

Whether they’re learning to appreciate different cultures in the classroom or thinking about how full their bucket is, your students will continue to develop social-emotional skills as you read these beloved books together.

Add to your classroom library and discover impactful social-emotional books! You can also use this free social-emotional learning guide for grades PreK–7 to help foster a community of kindness in your classroom. 

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