Teaching kindness and empathy as early as possible is key to creating a classroom culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and tolerance. Of course, this might not always be as easy as it would seem. Luckily, there are simple and fun ways to help your students understand the concepts of kindness within the classroom.

Very often, feelings can be nuanced or even mixed — and while this is a normal part of life, it can be confusing and difficult for younger students to understand and fully express. Learning to help others, the concept of empathy, what to do when your friends become sad are among the many lessons students can learn in the pages of these books.

Whether they’re tagging along with Clifford to his brother’s firehouse, recognizing and learning to appreciate different backgrounds and cultures in the classroom, or flying along with a helpful witch, your students will not only continue to develop social-emotional skills, but have a great time doing it! 

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