Books are a great tool for teaching children about diversity and sparking important conversations in the classroom about race and inclusion. Read-alouds, in particular, are a wonderful way to connect to stories as a class and learn new things about each other. As you take stock of your library for the summer, consider adding these diversity-themed book packs to your collection. 

The Grab-and-Go Diversity-Themed Packs include seven grade-specific books with moving stories that allow your students to see themselves in the characters and help them learn about different cultures and traditions. 

Beginning with Pre-K, your students will be enchanted with the story of a young girl playing in the rainbow of her mother's headscarves in Mommy’s Khimar and learn Spanish with ¡Vamanos! Let’s Go!, an adaptation of “The Wheels on the Bus” song.  Older readers in second grade will hear the powerful voices of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in I Am Martin Luther King, Jr. and a young Native American girl in Jingle Dancer.

The Grade 5 pack includes Betty Before X and The Great Migration, which are fantastic for learning about influential figures during significant historical moments, like the civil rights movement. Students in grade 6 are introduced to a little girl living with physical disabilities in Her Own Two Feet and learn about personal identity in Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish

These packs will not only spark classroom conversations about social justice and inclusivity, but they’ll teach your students about character development and author study. Each pack also comes with an activities guide and journal so your students can write down notes and words to look up later.

Shop diverse and powerful story packs below! Grab more, save more: Buy two packs to save 37%, three packs to save 40%, and four packs to save 43%. You can find all books and activities at The Teacher Store.

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