Whether it’s a connection to a beloved character or a fascination with facts, introducing kids to a series they enjoy is a great way to spark a love of reading. Check out our favorites for grades PreK–2 below. 

25 Favorite Fly Guy Books
Jam-packed with puns and brimming with slapstick humor, students in grades PreK-3 will fall in love with Fly Guy!

18 Engaging Pete the Cat Books
Beginning readers love Pete the Cat's groovy adventures and tunes, and educators love the repetitive text and self-esteem boosting messages.

13 Endearing Elephant and Piggie Books
Early readers learn about the ups and downs and ins and outs of friendship with unlikely best friends, Gerald and Piggie.

The Complete Junie B. Jones Series Book List
Beginning readers will devour this series featuring the world's funniest kid, Junie B. Jones.

The Ultimate Amelia Bedelia Book List
The comedic adventures of literal-minded Amelia Bedelia are perfect for introducing beginning readers to figurative language.

The Essential No, David! Book List
Young readers will love reading about David’s mischievous antics. More importantly, they’ll love learning valuable lessons about how to act appropriately in any given situation.

49 Enchanting Magic Tree House Books
This fact-packed series is perfect for chapter book readers looking for twists and turns on every page—and a great jumping-off point for designing and teaching history units along the way.

14 Favorite Fancy Nancy Books
Little readers in grades PreK-2 will love the sparkle and sass that Fancy Nancy brings to this collection of picture books and early readers.

30 Amazing National Geographic Animal Books
These fact- and photo-filled books about all types of animals teach students in grades PreK-5 basic science vocabulary as they expand their reading skills.

18 How Do Dinosaurs...? Picture Books
These silly dinosaurs have some terrible manners, but they're learning! Beginning readers will learn important social skills as they stomp and rhyme along with all their favorite dinos.

31 Top Clifford Books
Introduce your students to everyone's favorite big red dog as Clifford learns new concepts like problem-solving, vocabulary, and more in these 31 tales.

The Ultimate What If You Had…!? Series Book List
Kids love exploring this imaginative and informative series that challenges them to consider what life would be like with a pair of animal eyes, an animal nose, animal ears, and more.

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