Bad habits and mischief abound in this collection of books from the best-selling No, David! series. While students may get a kick out of all the trouble David gets into, they’ll hopefully learn from him and try to make life easier for their teachers, their parents, and themselves.

In No, David!, playful David gets himself into troublesome situations, from drawing on the walls to banging on a frying pan. In Grow Up, David!, he steps on his brother's toes by eating his candy and following him up to the treehouse.

Texas-based parent Siomara Arevalo, a consultant for Scholastic Book Fairs, says her daughter Sofia can see herself in the books. "She likes books she can relate to, and she says she can relate to David,” Siomara says. “She says she’s always hearing, ‘No, Sofia.’ Ha!”

These oh-so-relatable books will help your students navigate their feelings and emotions while laughing at the situations David gets himself into.

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