It can sometimes feel like there are endless to-do’s on your list as a teacher, but there are also endless opportunities to enrich your students’ learning and engagement — with the right resources. 

Scholastic provides several programs, targeted instruction, tools, and workshops to help you better reach your students and their families. Here are nine resources to get started with that will set your class up for success. 

1. Guided Reading

Scholastic Guided Reading Programs support a comprehensive reading program by weaving small-group instruction, assessment, and independent practice into your classroom to grow independent learners. 


Scholastic RISE and RISE Up provide a powerful short-term intervention with targeted small-group instruction for word study and phonics, reading comprehension, and guided writing. The RISE framework is based on Jan Richardson’s The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading and offers daily instruction to accelerate students who are reading below grade-level benchmarks. 

3. My Books Summer

Make sure that every student has high-quality resources to continue reading and writing over the summer with My Books Summer take-home packs. The summer is a pivotal time to reinforce students’ learning and advance their literacy skills.

4. LitCamp

LitCamp is a breakthrough literacy program that combines innovative lessons with an engaging and interactive summer camp approach. Students will make great strides in reading, writing, and social-emotional skills that they'll carry back to school in the fall.

5. LitLeague

LitLeague is an exciting program that provides an interactive literacy experience for your students. They can participate in book-related activities including read-alouds, group discussions, independent reading, writing activities, games, and songs when you create an engaging social-emotional literacy learning environment with this program. This flexible program is great for expanded-learning times, after-school, extended day, English language learners, and more.

6. Leveled Bookroom 5

Scholastic’s one-of-a-kind Accelerator makes finding the perfect book for your small-group sessions a snap with its proprietary search technology. Quickly find the right book, at the right level, to target the right skill for each personalized group — all in just a few clicks. Plus, take advantage of its rich collection of teaching resources designed to support effective implementation.

7. Rising Voices

The Rising Voices Library, created with David C. Banks, provides students with high-interest, culturally relevant texts that give context to what they’re experiencing in the world around them. These materials build a rich classroom community that enables deep discussions about social justice issues and identity development while giving students the tools to grow as leaders and thinkers.

8. My Books Every Day

My Books Every Day is a collection of diverse titles and hands-on activity sets that reinforce key learning skills, build home libraries, and encourage year-round independent reading that leads to academic success. Leaders and educators can help families create a literacy-rich environment at home with engaging tools and resources through five-book sets. Books set themes include Social-Emotional, STEAM, and Imagination and Exploration.

9. Engaging Families

Engaging Families is a series of five 90-minute early childhood literacy workshops with videos, hands-on activities, and a Workshop Leader’s Guide with step-by-step support for involving families in their children’s literacy growth. These easy-to-implement workshops show parents how to practice literacy in every area of a child’s life: in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and when they are out and about in the community.

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