As a teacher, you know you have to be ready for everything the school year may have up its sleeve. From remote teaching resources to time-management tools to keep you even more organized and inspired, here are the five things every teacher needs for the upcoming school year.

Plus, ease the transition from summer break to back-to-school with these ready-made lessons.  

Next-level teaching tools
Professional development is always a top priority for teachers, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of your students. If you’re bouncing between remote teaching and in-class instruction, these professional development books for teachers provide the latest and most effective strategies to take your teaching to the next level and ensure your students achieve academic success no matter where they’re learning. Additionally, by honing your skills with these forward-thinking teaching resources, you’ll be able to adapt much more quickly and easily when unexpected challenges spring up.

Ready-to-go resources to meet the needs of your students
Reflecting on the previous school year is another great way to fully prepare yourself for what the future may have in store. Before school starts, take stock of your lessons and see where they can be retooled and made more effective for in-class and remote learning. Also, be sure to have plenty of ready-to-go lessons and activities from Scholastic Teachables on hand to keep the learning momentum going.

Time-management tools
Staying organized is a must and having a good planner by your side is one of the easiest ways to meet the new school year head on. While these teacher planners have everything you need to manage your time even more effectively, they’ll also keep you inspired all year long.

Resources to help students learn about the world around them
Helping your students learn about issues affecting their communities and the world around them is a great way to build knowledge, spark curiosity, and promote empathy. With Scholastic Classroom Magazines, you’ll not only help students discover the answers to important questions they may have next school year, you’ll have all the print and digital tools you’ll need to complement existing lessons you have planned for learning inside and outside the classroom.

Social-emotional learning books
Whether at home or in the classroom, having access to social-emotional learning books will help your students make sense of their emotions. Then, during times of uncertainty, your students will be able to reflect on these stories and use what they’ve learned to manage stress and approach learning in a more positive way. Books emphasizing social-emotional learning are also a great way to create a culture of kindness in your classroom, no matter if they’re learning at school or at home.

By preparing now for the potential twists and turns the next school year has in store, you’ll ease the transition between remote and in-person learning and help your students overcome any challenge. For more tips and tools to help get ready for the new school year, check out these essential teacher resources from Scholastic.

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