Key Takeaways:

  • During the first few weeks of school, it’s important to build a culture of kindness in your classrooms.
  • Inspire empathy and compassion among your students by integrating a variety of social-emotional learning resources—from class décor to organizational tools—into your existing lessons and teaching practice.
  • These essential teacher tools from Scholastic are the perfect complement and will inspire your students to be kind to one another all year long.

While you already have a lot planned to ensure your students’ learning success during the first few weeks of school, it’s also important to begin taking steps toward building a culture of kindness in your classroom. By teaching empathy and compassion in your classroom, you’ll create a welcoming social-emotional learning environment for young learners and you’ll inspire your students to take the lessons they’ve learned from you out into their communities.

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From interactive bulletin boards to postcards that will make each of your young learners feel special, these five must-have teacher resources will inspire your students—and you—to think about kindness all year long.

Kindness is a Gift Bulletin Board

This interactive bulletin board is the perfect teaching tool to promote social-emotional learning and create a culture of kindness, generosity, and inclusiveness in your classroom during the back-to-school season. Gift boxes with friendly reminders of kind acts to do, and gift tags for teachers and fellow students to recognize individual acts of kindness, are included and make this bulletin board a must-have feature of your classroom décor all year long!

Teacher Kindness Planner

With this teacher kindness planner, you’ll enjoy a year’s worth of engaging kindness activities to integrate into your lesson plans. Plus, extras like weekly planning pages to keep you organized, and inspirational quotes to keep you inspired, make this a must-have tool for teachers looking for effective ways promote empathy and compassion in the classroom.

Classroom Kindness Personal Posters

If you’re committed to creating a learning environment where each student is inspired to be a kind member of your classroom community, consider decorating your walls with one of these fill-in kindness posters, for grades K-2 and grades 3-6. With a step-by-step teaching guide, suggested reading list, your students will be encouraged to perform “Ten Random Acts of Kindness”, and you’ll be fully prepared to teach your young learners the importance of kindness this school year.

Kindness Postcards

Making every student feel special is the best part of your job! These adorable kindness postcards include six colorful designs with space on the back for you to write a special message recognizing your students’ amazing achievements and inspiring acts of kindness all year long.

The first few weeks of school provide the perfect opportunity to begin building a culture of kindness in your classroom—and with these social-emotional learning resources you’ll have all you need to show your students just what they can do to help. For more teaching tools to foster compassion and empathy in your classroom, check out these other essential teacher resources from Scholastic.

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