Think of your classroom door as the gateway to learning for your students. By decorating your door, you’ll set the tone for your classroom and help ease any nerves or anxiety your young learners may have before entering. But how do you decide upon a theme for your door? Popular books your young learners know and love are a great place to start! Check out these 7 best-selling books and collections to inspire your classroom door décor and welcome your students back this school year.

Plus, find all the décor you need to bring the rest of your classroom to life right here.  

Fly Guy
Look no further than Fly Guy and his friend Buzz to transform your classroom door into the flyest one in school! Your students are sure to know all about Fly Guy and his fun-filled adventures and antics. Choose a book from this Fly Guy collection and let Fly Guy and his friend Buzz be the friendly faces that greet them on their way into your classroom.

Pete the Cat
Decorating your door with Pete the Cat as your guide will ensure your classroom is the grooooooviest one of all. Whether you have Pete’s familiar feline face greeting your students or use one of his cool cat adventures as a theme, your students will love walking through your classroom door each day.

No, David! 
When you decorate your classroom door with a scene from the mischievous kids’ classic No David!, your students will have a daily reminder that they should always be on their best behavior.

What If You Had…!?
Animal ears, animal hair, animal noses, animal feet—the door décor possibilities—and body parts—are endless when you tap the classic What If You Had…!? series for inspiration. Maybe a pair of koala ears, an elephant trunk, and T. Rex teeth will welcome your students to class this year?

A Bad Case of Stripes 
A Bad Case of Stripes always makes for good classroom door inspiration! Decorate your door with colorful stripes, and then ask your students to add to the design with creations that show off their own self-defining interests, lima beans and all.  

Flat Stanley
Who better to greet your students each day than the title character from one of their favorite series, Flat Stanley? Always bound for an inspiring adventure, Flat Stanley is the perfect choice to grace the front of your classroom door.

Superhero Power
Decorating your door with your students’ favorite superheroes is a great way to inspire them to achieve their goals and make a difference inside and outside the classroom. This superhero book list has all the inspiration you need to give your classroom door superhero powers and transform your young learners into superhero students!

Decorating your classroom door is a great way to show off your creativity and give your students a preview of all the fun learning you have in store for them. For even more inspiration, check out all the must-have classroom décor items from Scholastic.

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