It's exciting to see superheroes on the big screen — and just as thrilling to read about their derring-dos and heroic feats! These illustrated superhero books and graphic novels will introduce young readers to memorable heroes — and some brand-new heroes, too!  

For example, little readers will love Princess Truly #1: I Am a Super Girl! where they're introduced to the titular character. With the help of her rocket boots and magic sparkly curls, Princess Truly uses her smarts and her strength to save the day — especially when her best friend, Lizzie, isn't feeling so super herself. Will Truly help Lizzie feel her best?

Meanwhile, Mia Mayhem vs. The Super Bully sees Mia as she prepares for her relay race. But when a bully on her team makes her lose her shadow and start snapping at her friends, Mia must choose the higher road. Will she be able to be the super hero everyone needs? 

In The Bad Guys, everyone knows that Mr. Shark, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Piranha are up to no good. But what happens when bad guys do the unthinkable: turn good? Join in the hilarious hijinks of this unlikely team of bad guys as they try to change their ways. 

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