Like most teachers, you’re busy planning a few fun and engaging end-of-year activities to celebrate the school year—activities that will send your young learners off to summer break with fond memories of their classroom and an eagerness to continue their learning throughout the summer.

Inspire your students to read all summer long with the 2020 Scholastic Read-a-Palooza Summer Reading Challenge book list. 

While parties and games are a popular way to celebrate the start of summer, it’s also important to set aside time for your students to reflect upon what they’ve learned during the school year. This way, you can help them set realistic learning goals for the summer, fully preparing your students for the upcoming school year and beyond!

Check out these 3 end-of-school-year activities that will encourage your students to reflect upon all they’ve learned so far and inspire them to keep up the momentum.

Revisit your students’ favorite read-aloud books.
Help your young learners come up with a top 10 list of their favorite read-aloud books from the year and revisit each book with your class. After reading, engage your students in a class discussion about the feelings and emotions these books inspire now, and what reading and listening to these stories has taught them. Books like Wemberley Worried, a popular read for many students feeling nervous at the beginning of the school year, are great picks that really show how much your students have grown.

Encourage students to write letters to their former and future selves.
This letter-writing activity will allow you to see just how much your students have achieved academically and emotionally during their time in your classroom. A great way to begin is by writing your own letter and sharing it with your class. When they see the profound and positive effect teaching has had on you this year, they’ll be inspired to reflect upon and describe just how wonderful learning was for them. To help your students to dive a little deeper, encourage them to write about their goals for the next school year and beyond!

Celebrate your students’ accomplishments with fun-finishers, sweet stepping-up ceremonies, and more.
This Moving on Up printable from Scholastic Teachables has everything you need to celebrate all that your students accomplished this school year. Filled with fun and engaging activities and writing prompts, this ready-to-go printable features some of the best end-of-year activities to help students reflect on what they’ve learned and plan for all the future holds!

In those last few days—and even weeks—leading up to the final day of school, teachers and students alike are teeming with excitement! These activities are not only an awesome and engaging way to encourage your young learners to reflect upon the past year, they’ll inspire your students to build upon their love of learning this summer and beyond!

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