Key Takeaways

  • A classroom library with a wide selection of titles across varying reading levels motivates all students to read.
  • When looking for books to add to your library, focus on three to five genres for each reading level.
  • Reading lists from Scholastic are a great resource to meet all your classroom's guided reading level needs.
  • Setting up a classroom library that caters to many levels of readers is a great way to motivate your students to read. With this helpful guided reading leveling chart, it's easy to choose titles by guided reading, DRA, and Lexile® levels. The chart can also be used as a general leveling guide when building or expanding your classroom library.

    Also, when working to level your classroom library and meet the needs of all your young readers, keep these tips and strategies in mind:

  • The reading level of your classroom library expands to cover two to three years above and below grade level. (Here’s a handy link to book lists for every guided reading level.)
  • Multiple copies of popular titles and text sets appear in your classroom library so multiple students can read these at the same time.
  • A rich variety of genres is included in your classroom library so children are exposed to realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction, biography and autobiography, stories, classics, myths and legends, picture books, reference, poetry, comic books and graphic novels, and more