Student success begins with teachers. These 10 essential teacher beliefs provide a strong foundation for helping students develop the critical thinking and social-emotional learning skills they need for success in today’s world.

    1.     Students should be inspired to think critically with engaging books and text.

    Books are important tools for helping children succeed. And by providing access to high-quality texts, you allow students to develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need for success inside and outside the classroom.

    2.     Every student should be able to choose the books they want to read from a diverse, well-stocked classroom library.

    A classroom library stocked with a variety of books across genres and disciplines opens up a whole new world for students. Check out our guided reading book lists for every level and our nonfiction guided reading book lists for every level

    3.     Empathy, kindness, and connecting with others, are critical to learning and success inside and outside the classroom.

    Creating a culture of kindness in your classroom through social-emotional learning helps students connect with their emotions and understand those of their classmates, friends, families, and neighbors. Check out some essential classroom materials help you create a culture of kindness. 

    4.     Every student should be encouraged to reflect on what they’re learning and look for the deeper meaning in the books they read.

    It’s always important to encourage students to take the time to think critically about what they’re learning, reading, writing, and discussing in your classroom. 

    5.     To ensure student success, teachers need the best tools and resources available.

    Teachers need strong support and the best tools and resources to effectively teach students and prepare them for the classroom and beyond. 

    6.     Reading and writing are inseparable. 

    When it comes helping students succeed and navigate the world around them, reading and writing skills provide the strongest foundation. Check out our favorite graphic organizers for teaching reading and writing.

    7.     Digital learning is a powerful tool to deliver personalized, independent learning.

    Being able to provide students with personalized, independent learning is critical to their success. Digital tools and resources make it easy to differentiate instruction and allows teachers to devote time and support to the students who need it most.   

    8.     Teaching can be transformed through data.

    Data and analytics are important tools in helping teachers become more effective and efficient.

    9.     Teachers that are inspired to learn will inspire their students to learn.

    Professional development helps teachers grow as educators and helps them continue to connect with children in new and innovative ways to ensure student success. Explore our top professional development books.

    10.  Learning doesn’t end when students leave school.

    Students learning requires support outside of school, too. Engage your students’ families and communities to ensure that learning doesn’t end once the final bell rings.