Key Takeaways

  • Kindness is a simple but essential trait teachers work to instill among their students throughout the school year. 
  • Classroom materials and décor can encourage empathy among students and help create a culture of kindness in your learning space.
  • Posters and books are wonderful tools teachers can use to inspire—and remind—students to show kindness toward one another.
  • The displays and posters teachers decide to hang on their classroom walls can have a big effect on their students. Classroom materials and décor can calm students’ nerves, promote learning, and guide them through the course of their school day. But most importantly, they can inspire children to show kindness toward one another.

    Teachers always aim to encourage and remind students to be kind throughout the school year. In addition to lessons centered on the importance of empathy and kindness, posters are a great way to help create a culture of kindness and focus students’ time and attention on a topic that’s critical to their success inside and outside the classroom.

    If you’re looking to inspire your students to be nice to one another, show respect no matter their differences, and create a sense of community in your classroom, these two posters are a simple, yet effective, way to ensure a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

    Personal Poster Set: Kindosaurus for Grades K-2

    Young learners love to personalize these fun, fill-in “Kindosaurus” posters, which not only promote kindness in early elementary classrooms, but boost literacy skills, too. These posters are also great for wall displays and are a great send-home activity for students to spread kindness outside the classroom.

    Personal Poster Set: Classroom Kindness for Grades 3-6

    These great fill-in posters are a no-prep way to inspire students to be kind to one another, while helping them build essential writing skills at the same time. Let students customize their own posters, and then line your walls with the results to help create a culture of kindness within your classroom and promote a learning environment that values empathy.

    But it’s not just the posters that hang on your walls that go a long way to encourage kindness and empathy in your classroom, it’s also the books that line your shelves. These four books about kindness are must-haves for every classroom library.

  • The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill
  • Love is Everywhere by Jim Benton
  • How Full is Your Bucket by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer
  • Kindness and Generosity: It Starts With Me! by Jodie Shepherd
  • These are just some of the classroom materials you can use to create a culture of kindness and empathy within your learning space. There are also an endless number of books you can add to your classroom library to promote both kindness and literacy, while posters and wall displays remind students to be nice to one another every day.