Teacher & Principal School Report

Focus on Literacy (2017)

The report explores educators’ views on the importance of reading, the barriers to independent reading time in school, and the home-to-school connection. Key findings around summer reading as well as the critical need for increased access to book at home, and in classroom and school libraries are also revealed.

Equity in Education (2016)

The report offers a close look at the barriers to equity in education, educators’ funding priorities, and their personal spending for students and classrooms. Also examined is the role of families and communities, and educators’ commitment to their students and the profession.

State Findings (2016)

State-level findings reveal the striking similarity of challenges facing educators nationwide, even as they uncover fascinating differences on a more local level, particularly focused on barriers to learning, family engagement, funding priorities, and reading in and out-of-school. Due to limited sample sizes, state-specific reports are only available for 16 states.