There’s nothing more powerful than a story to connect us, to help us understand ourselves and each other, and to build empathy. With this catalog, we aim to highlight books featuring characters and stories from groups whose identities and lived experiences have been suppressed and excluded from mainstream narratives. Sharing these books with young people shows them that everyone’s story deserves to be told and will help them understand and expand their world.

The Power of Story Catalog

Use this catalog to amplify these voices and build more equitable bookshelves. Each title listing includes color dots that indicate topics and themes from the book, and the index with topic and theme markers is an easy reference point.

Catalog features:

  • Listing of titles by grade and age


  • Topics include:

    • Race and Ethnicity

    • Social Justice

    • Immigration

    • LGBTQIA+

    • Culture

    • Folktales, Religion, and Myths

    • Neurodiversity and Neurodivergence

    • Physical Disability

    • Mental Health


  • Multiple formats available, including en Español, audiobook, and ebook
  • Educator resources


The Power of Story Presents Speaker Series

The Power of Story Presents series shared remarkable conversations with authors, illustrators, and educators exploring immigrant experiences, representation in pop culture, community-based initiatives, and much more!

Save the Date - October 28 6:30PM EST

The Power of Story Presents: Read with Pride

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