Creating With Shapes

Your child can use these recommended apps to create pictures and tell stories.

By Gail Lovely



Creating With Shapes

In our last blog post we explored early mathematics skills relating to shapes. As your child learns about shapes, being able to use them in a fun creation is exciting for him. Encourage your child to use his imagination and creativity. Creativity opens the brain to possibilities and experiences, along with developing thinking and problem solving skills. In our creating on a rainy day or any day blog post, we wrote about creativity apps and ways to use them. Sometimes we like to use creativity apps with a purpose. Have your child make you a picture using shapes, but let your child choose the app to use. The apps in this article can be used for creating shape pictures, telling stories, and having interesting conversations about the masterpiece.

Remember when you are viewing your child’s masterpieces to talk with her about the shapes that she used.

  • “What shape did you use for the _______?”
  • “How many circles do you see?”
  • “Tell me about your picture.”
  • “Can you make a _______ using shapes?”

MoMA Art Lab

A free app which provides shapes, colors, and a freeform drawing pen. You and your child will enjoy creating shape pictures with this easy to use app. See an example from the MoMA Art Lab app above.

Felt Board

Just like an old-fashioned felt board. You and your youngster can create scenes, tell stories, play with shapes, and more. Check out this nighttime example.


A collection of brightly colored odd shapes are the building blocks of creativity in this app. You and your child can make amazing imaginative creations together. Check one the one above!


Very likely, you have a camera on you right now, whether it's your phone or a tablet. Have your child take photos of shapes. Use the pictures to create books, collages, and conversations.

Be sure to check out our book Using an iPad with Your Preschooler for even more apps and ideas! Share your favorite apps for creating with shapes on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page or tweet us at @suddenlyclicks.

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