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Equip your child with educational resources to tackle homework assignments. Provide educational resources at home to satisfy his curiosity.
Nov 06, 2012



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Nov 06, 2012

Grades K–2 
Grades 3–5 
Grades 6–8

 Educational Resources for Grades K–2
Get Ready for First Grade
Give your child a head start with these activities in phonics, letter formation, math, and more. 

The Kingfisher First Encyclopedia
Start exploring the world with 88 entries designed to help novice researches find facts on their own.

Learning Mats: Numbers & Counting
Teach counting and number recognition through important developmental skills.

Scholastic First Dictionary
Full of photos and simple definitions, this dictionary includes 1,700 words your early elementary-schooler may want to know. 

What Your (Kindergartner, 1st Grader, etc.) Needs to Know Series by E. D. Hirsch
Arranged by subject, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the information your child should learn each year.


Educational Resources for Grades 3–5
Ultimate Homework Book: Grammar, Usage and Mechanics: 150+ Engaging Practice Pages That Target Key Grammar Skills
Dozens and dozens of fun, attention-getting practice pages help students in grades 3-6 along the path to becoming more confident writers and readers.

Homework Help Set
Easy-to-reference educational resources for math, science, English, geography, and history offer essential homework support.

Scholastic Children's Dictionary 
Scour more than 30,000 entries and find clear explanations and illustrations that will boost your grade-schooler's vocabulary.

Scholastic Children's Thesaurus
Inspire your aspiring writer with synonyms and definitions for more than 500 words.

Scholastic Almanac for Kids
Your child will find facts in a flash with the help of educational resources that cover thousands of subjects.


Educational Resources for Grades 6–8
The American Heritage High School Dictionary
Take your middle-schooler to the next level of learning with a general dictionary that includes etymologies, biographical entries, geographical entries, usage notes, and synonyms.

Everything You Need to Know Series by Anne Zeman and Kate Kelly
Are you a little rusty on your American history?  How about pre-algebra?  This series will help you refresh your memory on the subjects your middle schooler is studying.

Scholastic Student Thesaurus
Developing writing and referencing skills, this reference features on-the-page indexes that make it easy to use. 

Scholastic Atlas of the World
Enrich and expand your child's geographical and cultural knowledge with a book that features 80 maps, hundreds of photos, and thousands of statistics.

Thirty Days Has September: Cool Ways to Remember Stuff
Packed with tips and tricks for remembering everything from spelling rules to science facts, this book is an ideal companion for any kid in need of memory aids.

Webster's New World Foreign Language Dictionaries
Support language learning with these student-friendly educational resources she can use to translate from English or look up an unfamiliar word.

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