Screen-Free Activities That Combine Reading With Crafting

Explore fun activities that will keep kids learning and exploring this summer.
Jun 15, 2021



Screen-Free Activities That Combine Reading With Crafting

Jun 15, 2021

When a child has the opportunity to combine a hands-on activity with a story they love, it makes reading all the more engaging and relatable! That's why pairing beloved books with popular crafts is a savvy way to keep your child entertained for hours during quiet time this summer — all while they continue to hone their skills. 

Here are seven ways to pair popular books with Klutz activity kits, which kickstart imagination. 

1. Dream Big!

Pair Klutz Watercolor Dreams — in which kids can paint 20 delightful watercolor designs, including woodland animal friends! — with the whimsical picture book Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds. In this tale, your child will have the chance to explore what it means to dream and the many ways to find happiness. 

2. You Got What It Takes! 

Craft together with the Klutz Jr. My Superhero Starter Kit, in which kids can make their very own shiny red cape, masks, and belt to reflect their interests. Pair it with My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World by Malcolm Mitchell — a tale that similarly evokes imagination (and the love of books) in early readers.

3. The Sky’s The Limit! 

Your child can explore the science of rainbows — and project them into their rooms! — with the Klutz Maker Lab DIY Rainbow Catcher this summer. Keep them looking up to the sky with Chicken Little: The Real and Totally True Tale by Sam Wedelich. 

4. Glitter Magic! 

Have a child who loves glitter? Help them paint their nails with the Klutz Glitter Party Nail Studio — then explore what it means celebrate the sparkle within yourself by reading the book Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey together. 

5. Outdoor Fun! 

Take advantage of the temperate weather to go outside with the Light Up Rocks & Gem Collection, which is the perfect kit to start or grow a rock collection. Then, help them learn more about the stones they love with the book A True Book: All About Rocks

6. Delicious Crafts & Reads! 

Foodie favorites like Klutz: Kids Magical Baking and I Really Want the Cake written by Simon Philip and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti engage kids who dream of whipping up masterpieces in the kitchen. 

7. Have a DINO-mite Time! 

Stir up your child's imagination with Klutz Jr.: My Dino Finger Puppets, which allows kids to turn air-dry clay into playable prehistoric pets. Pair the craft with How to Catch a Dinosaur, a tale that blends STEAM concepts with humor.

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