Put on Your Thinking Cap!

Unlock your brain's powers with this inspiring headwear.



What you need:

  • An old hat
  • Inspirational objects in a variety of subjects
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Needle and thread

What to do:

  1. Discuss with your child the topics and learning materials that rev up her thinking and inspire her creativity. Brainstorm how you could represent them with toys, trinkets, good luck charms, and other tiny treasures.
  2. Gather these materials (keychains are a great source!) or make small-sized substitutes to put on the hat. Consider:
  • Social studies: globe, map, picture from a faraway place
  • Math: multiplication table, protractor, ruler, refrigerator-magnet numbers
  • Science: twigs, periodic table, toy animals
  • Reading: favorite poem or passage from a book, bookmark
  • Arts: painting, crayon in a favorite color, piece of a musical score, ribbon from ballet slippers
  1. Attach the objects to the hat with glue, tape, or needle and thread.
  2. Wear the hat whenever a surge of brainpower is needed. The more things you add, the more inspiration will seep into your head!

Learning benefits:

  • Demonstrates that the world is filled with special, inspiring items
  • Motivates, supports, and empowers kids while they are working
  • Makes homework fun
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