Family Photo Dominoes

Make a fun matching game with familiar faces.



Family Photo Dominoes

What you need:

  • family photos
  • children's safety scissors
  • index cards
  • black nontoxic marker
  • mock
  • glue

What to do:

  1. Make sure there are at least three photos of each person. Cut out one person from each photo so that it will fit on half the index card. Then draw a line down the middle of each index card with the marker.
  2. Ask your child to glue a picture of a different person onto each half of the index cards. Each card should have two photos on the same side.
  3. Look at each card and talk about the people in the photos. Encourage your child to share any special names he has for family members.
  4. Put out all the cards, photos facing up. Select a card and ask your child to name the family members in it. Have him pick one of the people shown and then search through the other cards to find a match. When he does, he can place it next to the first card so that the two photos of the same person are side by side.
  5. Continue choosing cards and matching photos together. Talk about all the family members shown, asking questions about them. See how long a line of cards you can make.
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