5 Fun Indoor Crafts & Activities for Kids

Brighten your child's rainy day with these simple craft ideas. The only supplies you'll need are everyday household items.




Stuck inside with nothing to do, no art supplies, and a bored child? Brighten your day with these easy crafts. The only supplies you'll need are everyday household items.

  1. Puppet Play. Use paper bags or old socks and markers to make cute puppets. Then put on a show based on your child's favorite story.
  2. Alphabet Book. Staple together 14 pieces of colorful paper horizontally and fold in half. Label each side with a letter, A through Z. Search old magazines (or this morning's newspaper) for items that start with each letter of the alphabet. Paste them into the book and enjoy!
  3. Paper Plate Masks. All you need is paper plates, markers, and some string to make fun animal masks — and fun animal noises!
  4. Family Scrapbook. Have a box of old, loose family pictures? With your child, sort and compile them into a memory book that you and your child can decorate. If you don't have an empty album handy, glue the photos to paper, punch two or three holes on the sides, and bind together with string. Add anecdotes and picture descriptions alongside the photos for an extra-special touch.
  5. Treasure Box. Recycle an old cardboard box to make a treasure chest for all your child's secret little goodies. Decorate with crayons, paints, stickers, or a collage made from tissue paper or magazine photos.
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