This Baby Shark Book Is Guaranteed to Win the Holidays

The catchy tune comes to life in a new children's book. Grab a copy, and dance, sing, and act out your Baby Shark moves!
By Megan Zander
May 20, 2019



This Baby Shark Book Is Guaranteed to Win the Holidays

May 20, 2019

If you’re a parent with a smartphone, chances are you’re very familiar with "Baby Shark," the catchy kids' tune. And if your kids know the song by heart (because who doesn't?), then they will have a whale of a time dancing it out with the new baby shark book.

The song is a total earworm — one listen is all it takes to have you singing it to yourself while folding laundry or walking through grocery store aisles for weeks afterward (We need milk, do, do, do, do, do, do). And since kids get fixated on things, and their adorable little faces are so hard to say no to, you probably find yourself listening and dancing to it on repeat at home, in the car, while giving the kids a bath — the song is basically a great white that’s chasing us all everywhere we go.

Admittedly, the tune and its simple dance moves are tons of fun, which is why many parents find themselves leaning into the trend. 

The song is popping up everywhere — at band performances,  gymnastics classes, even CPR training. It’s the must-have birthday party theme for anyone in diapers, and families around the world are having fun recording themselves performing the song as part of the #babysharkchallenge that’s sweeping social media. 

If you’re team Baby Shark all the way and love how the song makes your kids giggle, we’ve got great news. Everyone’s favorite kids’ song of 2018 is now a kids' book! Get the Baby Shark book, and you and the kids can read, sing and dance it out — even when there’s no Wi-Fi (your data plan and their future reading teachers will thank you).

Not only is the book an easy way to #win the holidays this year or grab yourself that coveted 'favorite auntie' crown at an upcoming birthday, it’s also pretty useful for anyone who needs to brush up on their Baby Shark dance moves. Along with the song lyrics and playful illustrations of Baby Shark and the fam, each page of the book shows hand gestures that go with each verse.

And after reading this book a few (hundred) times, you’ll finally know for sure whether Grandma Shark comes before or after Grandpa Shark. There’s even a dance guide at the end to help you put it all together, maybe before filming your very own video?

We’re getting one, do, do, do, do, do, do. 

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