Big Fun With Big Nate Books

A fearless sixth grade rebel is destined for greatness but finds himself in hilarious situations while trying to survive middle school in the bestselling Big Nate series by Lincoln Peirce.
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Mar 27, 2019



Big Fun With Big Nate Books

Mar 27, 2019

Introduce your independent reader to Big Nate, the mischievous and daring, self-proclaimed "middle school genius" whose amusing antics are the subject of Lincoln Peirce's Big Nate graphic novel series. Whether this spunky sixth grader is dealing with bullies, disrupting teachers, impressing his crush, or playing in a rock band with pals, Nate will keep even the most reluctant reader entertained.

Check out highlights from the bestselling Big Nate series.

Big Nate #1: Big Nate In a Class By Himself: In the first full-length novel based on the comic strip series, Nate Wright cracks open a fortune cookie to find these auspicious words: “Today you will surpass all others.” Superstitious Nate makes it his mission to bring his fortune to life. But period after period passes, and all Nate’s done is manage to get himself in trouble — even during lunch! Will he be able to “surpass all others” before the school day ends? Find out in this hybrid that blends traditional chapters with comic strip panels and illustrations.

Big Nate: Game On: Eleven-year-old Nate is many things: artistic, loud, bold, hopelessly addicted to Cheez Doodles — the list goes on. Unfortunately for the young sports enthusiast, “athletic” isn’t on that list. Nate tries to compensate with loads of bluster and humor — trash-talking his way around the basketball court and tricking an opponent into stepping off a base. Cheer on Nate and his equally-hapless underdog friends as they play soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Big Nate: Welcome to My World: Nate’s life is filled with curveballs. A pop quiz in social studies. His most-hated class taught by his mortal enemy Mrs. Godfrey. A 6.5-Cheez-Doodle-a-day restriction imposed by his tofu-loving, health-nut dad. And an actual curveball that wallops him right in the back during a Little League game. Welcome to Nate’s world! See what hijinks the sixth grader gets into in this collection of comic strips sure to amuse your young reader.

Big Nate: Great Minds Think Alike: Self-proclaimed genius Nate can't seem to get above a C on any exam — but that doesn't mean he isn't brilliant in other ways! Nate finds a number of creative outlets for said brilliance: inventing nicknames for teachers and students alike, inserting irrelevant song lyrics into his history paper on the Boston Tea Party, authoring an anonymous love “advice” column in the school paper, and submitting a Thanksgiving-themed graphic novel for an assignment. Nate’s genius just can’t be contained — he just wishes everyone else could see it! Learn about all of Nate’s grand ideas.

Big Nate #5: Big Nate Flips Out: Nate isn’t known for being neat and tidy, if the bulging avalanche of junk in his locker is any indication. Nate’s sloppiness gets his best friend, Francis, in big trouble. Nate and Francis argue back and forth until Nate reveals Francis’s biggest secret in front of the whole school. Will Nate be able to clean up his act and make it up to his former best friend? Find out the lengths Nate goes to in order to rescue this friendship.

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