Question: The rules state that work could not have been previously published. Does this include self-publishing or is this referring to larger publishing entities?

Thank you for your question! True self-published works are still eligible, but any work that is under contract—whether with independent, boutique, or small presses, or a major publisher—is not eligible.

Question: I live outside of the US, why can’t I enter the contest? Do you have an option for me?

Due to different laws in different countries, like many contests and sweepstakes, this contest is open to US residents only. However, outside of this contest, Graphix editors will continue to review and accept manuscripts submitted by agents and authors from all around the world.

Question: I’m a writer and my friend is an illustrator, can we enter as a two-person team?

This contest is limited to individuals who are both the author and illustrator of their entry. However, outside this contest, Graphix publishes many author and illustrator teams and Graphix editors will continue to review and accept manuscripts submitted on behalf of author and illustrator teams.

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Find out how to get published by Scholastic, the #1 graphic novel publisher for children! What does it take to be published by Scholastic’s Graphix imprint and join the ranks of Raina Telgemeier, Ru Xu, Dav Pilkey, Craig Thompson, and Jennifer and Matt Holm? Join Graphix editors David Saylor, Cassandra Pelham and Adam Rau alongside Eisner Award winning creator of Bone, Jeff Smith to find out how.

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