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  • “Will resonate with anyone who has felt different…
    Profound, moving, and radiant.”
    –Publisher’s Weekly, starred review
  • “Warm, funny, and inspiring.”
    –Kirkus Reviews, starred review
  • “A sensitive, insightful portrayal of a transgender child
    coming to terms with gender identity…Excellent.”
    –Booklist, starred review
  • “A required purchase for any collection that serves
    a middle grade population.”
    –School Library Journal, starred review



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“I am often asked what kind of books I am looking for. And this book – this very special, very important, very wonderful book – is the best answer to that question I have ever found.”

–David Levithan, publisher and editor of George

“This is a magical, delicate, wonderful book; the words in these pages will actually change lives for the better. It’s a remarkable revolution because it simply feels like common sense. I’ve always thought a song carries further than a shout, and gets remembered for longer. This novel proves it!”

-Russell T Davies, co-recreator and writer of Doctor Who and creator and writer of Queer as Folk

“Readers will find themselves cheering for George and hoping that she will have the chance to become such an iconic character, and maybe even change the world. In turn, they will be inspired to become everything that Charlotte and George represent. The tag line for George is “Be who you are,” something Charlotte taught us years ago, but Alex Gino’s book takes this classic message and reframes it for a new generation. Terrific.”

–Sarah H., bookseller, Eight Cousins

“A profoundly human story told simply, kindly, and intelligently. As soon as I read it, I read my kids the first two pages. We had to stop there because those pages sparked a discussion.”


“This is a beautiful book that will open minds and hearts and give hope to many, many children. I loved it and I look forward to sharing it with readers!”

–Cecilia, Bookseller

“Thank you for sharing this amazing title! The book deals with the transgender subject in such a tender, sweet and compassionate manner.”

–Allison, Librarian, Wallingford Public Library

“I am so glad this book exists. My friend went through all of middle school and high school trying to conform to the gender he was assigned at birth. It caused him years of grief and depression. I would like to think that if books like George existed back then he would have felt comfortable coming out a lot sooner...and been happier for it.”

–Ashley, Entangled Publishing

“One small step for the trans community. One giant leap for human-kind. Bravo Alex Gino and David Levithan and especially George.”

-Tim F.