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It only takes a little to BE BIG! Learn about Clifford's Big Ideas and how you can BE BIG each and every day
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Clifford's Big Ideas


Sharing is a very kind act that means giving something to someone else. Sharing with others is considerate and nice. You can BE BIG and Share by letting your friends play with your toys too!
(Click here for a SHARE Printable Coloring Page)

Watch a Clip
Play fair
Show Respect
Work Together
Be Responsible
Be Truthful
Be Kind
Believe in Yourself
Be a Good Friend
Help Others
BE BIG Books
BE BIG Books
In conjunction with the BE BIG campaign, Scholastic rereleased ten best-selling titles by beloved author Norman Bridwell, each featuring one of Clifford's BIG Ideas.

Click here to see the BE BIG titles.
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