Troy Cummings
About Troy Cummings

Troy Cummings has no tail, no wings, no fangs, no claws and only one head. As a kid, he believed that monsters might really exist. Today, he's sure of it. He lives in Greencastle, Indiana with his wife and hatchlings. He works in a spooky old building that used to be a bank.

Alex Bopp
About Alexander

Alexander Bopp is new to Stermont, but already, he has a sense there's something not quite right about this creepy town...

  • "[A] promising series opener for proto-Goosebumps fans."

  • "The greatest need in reading today is bridging our children from picture books to grade level text."
    –Patrick Daly, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Classroom and Community Group, Scholastic Inc.

  • "[W]e are absolutely desperate for these books. Thank you for recognizing and addressing [this] monumental gap in the market."
    –Andrew Medlar, Youth Materials Specialist, Chicago Public Library

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  • "[These] books are not just for the reluctant reader, but also for the reader who wants to feel successful in his/her reading."
    –Cyndi Giorgis, Ph.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas

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