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I'm on Facebook!

February 2010

Hi, readers!

I don't think it will surprise anyone to hear that I've never been considered cutting edge when it comes to technology. Long-time readers may remember that I wrote my books in longhand until years after the first word processing programs came out. And I definitely preferred snail mail to email until I realized that the rest of the world had happily embraced online communication. I think I was also one of the last people buying rolls of film and dropping them off at the pharmacy for developing!

But while I might not be the first person on the block with the latest gizmo, I'm happy to say that I do eventually catch up! Once I decided that I could be as creative writing on my computer as I was in longhand, I traded the legal writing pads for word processing. As for email, while I'm sometimes overwhelmed by my inbox, I can't imagine living without this convenience. And though I once thought I was too technologically-challenged to upload and send digital photographs, I'm proud to add this accomplishment to my hi-tech resume.

And now, I am excited to announce that I have a Facebook Fan Page! So many family members, friends, and colleagues have already joined this popular social networking site that I wanted to get in on the fun. It's still very new to me, but I'm looking forward to sharing information about my books and my life with the people who have supported my writing for so long. One of the best things about Facebook is that I'll be able to see what readers have to say in the discussion forum and on my wall. (See how quickly I'm getting the jargon down?!) It will be a great way for me to keep in touch with fans. I'm planning to upload photos, post articles I think people would like to read, announce local book signings, and get a few lively discussions going.

I have to run, since I'm in the middle of finding cool apps for my new cell phone – NOT! But who knows? Maybe this time next year I'll be downloading music to an MP3 player!