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The Baby-sitters Club

The first Baby-sitters Club book was published in August of 1986, and Kristy's Great Idea was shared with many girls world wide. It wasn't too long before Ann introduced younger girls to Karen, Kristy's little sister in 1988. This series invited the little sisters of Baby-sitter Club fans to join the fun!

Ann's come a long way with other Baby-sitters Club book series, such as Mysteries, Super Specials, Special Editions and many others…making the Baby-sitters Club a favorite for girls everywhere!

Ann says working on so many books takes a lot of work, but she loves writing. "One interesting thing about writing is that when you're making up a story, you're in charge. You can solve problems the way you wish they could be solved in real life."

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The Baby-sitters Club (including Super Specials)
The Baby-sitters Club Mysteries
Baby-sitters Little Sister
The Baby-sitters Club Friends Forever

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