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P.S. Longer Letter Later P.S. Longer Letter Later
Elizabeth and Tara*Star are best friends, even though they're complete opposites. The story opens when Tara*Star has moved away. Now Elizabeth's family falls on hard times--her father is "downsized" out of a job and finds himself in debt and unable to find work. He soon takes out his frustrations on his family, drinking too much and failing to act like the Daddy they are used to.

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Snail Mail No More Snail Mail No More
Best friends Elizabeth and Tara*Starr are still totally different. Tara*Starr loves to be the center of attention. Elizabeth hates to be the center of attention. Though the two live far from each other, they continue to correspond regularly -- now, via e-mail. But distance -- and life events out of their control -- put the girls' friendship to the test.

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