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The Seventh Tower
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Book Cover The Fall
In all the world there is only one place that ever sees the sun. A place where seven slender towers stretch up and up, until the tops cannot be seen. The spiky towers crown the vast castle city of the Chosen, that is itself built upon a mountain few would dare to climb. Only the spires pierce the Veil, a magical barrier that repels all light and shrouds the world in darkness.

Still, there is light in the Dark World. The Chosen of the Castle hold a secret – the ability to capture the light of the sun and store it in jewels. Sunstones, they call them, and they use them for warmth and light and magic. The Chosen do not share their secret. But sometimes their Sunstones fall, by accident, from the towers. They are caught by the wind and swept out into the Dark World. Out to the frozen seas where they are found by Icecarls, a nomadic people who know only ice, snow, and the struggle for survival.

For centuries this has been the way. The Chosen rule the Castle, intent upon their magic. The Icecarls travel the frozen wastes, searching for Sunstones, knowing nothing of the Castle.

But as always, there comes a time of change, a time when worlds collide... read more

Book Cover Castle
The Dark World is a place of ice, wind and fury. A veil of black covers the sky. In all the world, only the Castle shines with light.

Tal and Milla are struggling to make it to the Castle, each on a dangerous mission. For Tal, a Chosen, the Castle is home – but now he is unwelcome. For Milla, an Icecarl warrior, the Castle is a strange and mysterious place. Her presence is a threat the Castle dwellers will take notice of – and fight at any cost.

From the deadly Hall of Nightmares to the magical chambers of Tal’s great-uncle Ebbitt, Tal and Milla must navigate the Castle and elude the sinister forces conspiring against them.

It will take all their strength to survive... read more

Book Cover Aenir
Tal and Milla embark on an impossible journey to the dream world Aenir – a place where mountains move, creatures talk, and magic spells abound.

Upon entering, Tal and Milla are quickly trapped on old Hrigga Hill, where lives are regularly sacrificed. To avoid being killed, Tal binds two powerful Aenirian creatures to himself and Milla as Spiritshadows. But Milla would rather be dead than have a Spiritshadow – such shadows are evil and not the Icecarl way. Furious, Milla vows to kill Tal for what he has done to her – but not until they complete their original mission and Milla brings valuable information to the Icecarl Crones.

In order to complete their task they must find the Codex of the Chosen, a fantastic book detailing the entire history of the Dark World. It is an almost impossible task. In addition to the spells and curses that permeate Aenir, there are evil powers that do not want Tal and Milla to succeed...and will stop at nothing to see that they do not. read more

Book Cover Above the Veil
Pursued deep into the depths of the Castle, below the seven levels where the Chosen live, below where even the Underfolk dwell, Tal and Milla encounter their old foe, Crow. The rebel Underfolk has the ability to help them save the Dark World way of life, but life in the Castle is not something Crow wishes to preserve...

Desperate, Tal has no choice but to embark on a harrowing adventure with Crow as his partner. The two venture back up one of the seven towers in pursuit of a keystone that they hope will unlock the Castle’s secrets.

Meanwhile, Milla having lost her natural shadow in Aenir feels utterly compelled to give herself to the ice. Accompanied by the free bound Spiritshadow that is her doom, Milla returns to the Icecarls. She must complete her quest. She must warn the Crones of the coming danger.

Then she will meet her fate... read more

Book Cover Into Battle
The Dark World is in danger, for the Veil is vulnerable. War is soon to come. On one side are Tal and the Underfolk rebels, struggling vailantly for freedom. On another side are Milla and the Icecarls, preparing to assault the Castle in order to preserve their world.

And on a third side lies the most sinister force of all – a force of evil that has only now chosen to reveal itself – a force of such power that it could unleash the ultimate destruction. read more

Book Cover The Violet
Tal and Milla are only one step away from death. Evil is only one step away from triumph. An old war is made new again. The Ultimate power is up for grabs.

As shadows rage, ancient spells return. Illusion reigns and corruption threatens. The search for hope is the bravest quest.

The Seventh Tower is the key to it all. read more