Dear Dumb Diary

This guy is JIM BENTON,
author of the DEAR DUMB DIARY series!

See what Jamie had to say when Jim stopped by to chat with her:

Jim: I'm Jim Benton and I'd like to ask you some questions.
Jamie: Like what?

Jim: How does it feel to be in middle school?
Jamie: Middle school feels exactly like elementary school. Except that there's a lot more pressure on you to try to be popular. And there are people-I'm not going to name names-that unfairly use their criminally blonde hair to achieve popularity. And some of them-again, I'm not going to name names-may use their poisonously blue eyes to achieve popularity. And some of them-still not naming names-that use their heavenly Angelic sounding names to achieve popularity and make people think that they are like an Angel or something. But just because your name is Angeline doesn't mean anything. We could name a hippopotamus Angeline. In fact, I may.

Jim: What inspired you to keep a diary?
Jamie: My dumb diary just feels like the right thing to do. It's also important that if a vengeful beagle were ever to attack me in my sleep then the authorities could read my diary and figure out which beagle needed to be taken to dog prison.

Jim: And why share your diary with the world?
Jamie: I never intended to share my diary with anybody. How my most private
thoughts and drawings made it into a series of books is beyond me. Although now
that I think about it, my friend Isabella got a check from Scholastic. She
says it's because she wrote the Clifford books but Clifford was invented, like,
back in olden times so I wonder.

Jim: Who does your hair?
Jamie: So what. Your hair is ugly. Shut up. You are.

Jim: Lip-gloss is huge right now - what is your favorite flavor?
Jamie: Probably this one kind that was called like Triple Berry Fiesta or something, but I don't get it anymore because it was so good that I sort of ate it which made me a little sick but I guess it probably kept my intestines from chapping, which I can only assume is medically desirable.

Jim: Angeline is so pretty and popular — you must feel lucky to go to school with her?
Jamie: Angeline…Angeline…I'm not sure I've ever heard of her. Is she that horrid blonde boyfriend stealing crud wad?

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