Welcome to the Web of Magic
Welcome to the Web of Magic

If you’ve found this site that means the magic is within YOU. You’ve discovered the web that connects our world to other worlds of wonder and magic.

Here you can learn how the Web of Magic has been part of our myths and folklore, stories, and songs for generations. Stories kindled round ancient campfires tell of our journeys, many through Nature, such as in the vision-quest legends of American Indians: the dream calling, where animal friends, spirit-allies, guide us on our own path.

Only those with open minds and strong hearts, who are willing to believe in magic, can share in the adventure. Begin a journey along the Web of Magic to your "home," a place where magic is in each of us.

Share the dream.

Myths & LegendsRavenswood
There is much to learn about the magic realm. Throughout generations myths and legends have been written and posted to the Web of Magic. We have left them here so that you can discover for yourself the fabulous stories and mysteries of our world. Please read them and experience the adventure!

The Watcher Journals
Watchers roam the magical world and document information to help explain the mystical elements that they pass along the way. If you need more information about Power Stones, Magical Creatures or The Rules of Magic, read the Watcher Journals.

Magic Talk
Have you seen a magical creature? Or has your animal friend shown some magical abilities? Come join the discussion!