Publish a classbook by June 5, 2015, and receive a
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Studentreasures® FREE Publishing Program for Teachers

Get your students excited about writing with our Common Core–aligned project! Bring their work to life with a Studentreasures® publishing project. It’s an easy, fun way to motivate and empower your students this school year!

Publishing dates are available throughout the 2014–2015 school year.

To qualify for your $15 Walmart gift card, publish by June 5, 2015.

How It Works

Find out how to get started!

Start With a Great Writing Project

Spotlight literacy and creativity
with themed projects that will
excite your growing writers!

Flip through these awesome
books created using
the FREE Studentreasures® publishing program.

Celebrate Their Accomplishments!

The end of the year is the perfect time to celebrate your students’ growth. From what they learned in kindergarten to tips for surviving fifth grade, put your students’ reflections on our kit paper and watch their work be transformed into a hardbound book—–for FREE. Flip through an end–of–year classbook.

Publish a Classbook

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Choose A Publishing Date For
Your Classbook.

These make great keepsakes. Publish by June 5, 2015, and receive a $15 Walmart gift card!

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Get Creative!

Students fill kit pages with their writing and illustrations. It’s as easy as taking an existing writing project and putting it on our paper, or downloading one of our ready-made lesson plans to get started.

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Submit Your Kits.

We’ll deliver your published hardbound books for free! Plus, we pay for shipping.

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Host a “Write Night” or “Authors’ Tea” to celebrate your published authors.

Fall in Love With Studentreasures®

“I have greatly enjoyed this program. I published with my class this year and received awesome feedback from my parents and students.”


Chicago, IL

“We received our books today. How absolutely FANTASTIC! What a great way to inspire young writers!”


Tipton, IA

“It’s a great way to enhance the writing curriculum that you are already doing!”


Topeka, KS
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Top 10 Reasons Why Educators Love Studentreasures®

  1. Aligns With Common Core

  2. Makes Teaching Writing Easy and Fun

  3. Builds Students’ Pride, Self-Esteem, and Confidence

  4. Cross-Curricular and Flexible

  5. Motivates Students to Want to Write

  6. Shows Student Progression

  7. Parents and Administrators Are Thrilled With the Beautiful Hardbound Books

  8. A Fun and Curriculum-Relevant Way to Integrate Technology Into the Classroom!

  9. Start-to-Finish Project Support

  10. It’s FREE — Plus, We Provide Access to Common Core–Ready Lesson Plans and Worksheets

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