The following policy applies to:

Each of the Summer Reading Challenge Site and READ 100,000 may also be referred to herein as the "Reading Campaign".

The Reading Campaigns are also subject to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. To the extent there is a conflict between the terms of this document and those of the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use, this document governs.

The Reading Campaigns are free programs to motivate kids to read more books, and to strengthen their reading skills as part of a school team. Through the Reading Campaigns, kids read books and log minutes of reading time on the Reading Campaign site. To participate, a child must be registered on the Reading Campaign site with a user name and password. All registered Reading Campaign participants can log and track their personal minutes read on a private page on the Reading Campaign site. Minutes read by Summer Reading Challenge Site users count towards the Read for the World Record as reported by the annual Scholastic Book of World Records. Any personally identifiable information we collect from or about child users in connection with the Reading Campaign will be used solely by Scholastic or its agents for internal purposes, and will not be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties.

Class Registration by Teachers

Teachers who are registered on can sign their students up for the Reading Campaign. Required teacher account information includes school name and, through our schools database, location information. Once teachers log in, they can set up new Reading Campaign accounts for their students via a web page. Teachers can register their students as a class through an online tool that assigns a set of new, randomly-generated unique user names and passwords. Teachers can add individual students to the class registration at any time.

Once students start logging minutes, teachers who registered them can see the minutes read by each student on the teacher's password-protected Reading Campaign dashboard. To keep track of students' reading progress by name, teachers have the option to enter their students' first names and last initials in a password-protected list on the teacher's logged-in classroom profile page. Those names cannot be viewed by the public or other users of Reading Campaign site, and are not stored in individual students' user accounts. If teachers choose not to enter first names and last initials for their students, they can only track minutes by student user names. The Reading Campaign teacher dashboard also has a tool for teachers to import a list of students. Any full names on the list are automatically converted to first name, last initial only.

When registering a class, a teacher will be asked to indicate grade level. This information is used only for the teacher to track minutes read by grade, if the teacher has classes in multiple grades. Grade level information is not stored in individual students' user accounts.

During the Reading Campaign, a student's school information (which may include name and location) is associated with that student's account in our systems, so that the student's minutes can be added to the school's total. School information is not publicly posted in connection with the student's user name or other information about the student. For more information about what user information can be seen where, see "Child User Profile Pages" below.

When students log in to the Reading Campaign for the first time with the password that is randomly-generated in class registration, they are required to change that password to a new unique password. The new password is not provided to the teacher. We also ask student users a security question when they change their passwords on the initial log-in. The question and answer are only be used to allow a user to sign in if he or she forgets the password. Neither the password nor the security question asks for personally identifiable information. Once registered, students can also use their accounts on THE STACKS on, or they can set up separate accounts to use on THE STACKS. For more information about THE STACKS, click here.

Registration by Kids

Children can register directly for the Reading Campaign, either by logging in with an existing STACKS user name and password, or by creating a new account. Once registered, new users will also have accounts on THE STACKS on Click here for more information about THE STACKS, and see the "Registration on Kids Sites" section of the Kids Privacy Policy for more information.

All Reading Campaign participants can log and track their personal minutes read on a private profile page on the Reading Campaign site. Without school information, however, children cannot log minutes to their schools' total minutes read.

Children who register directly are asked to provide a parent or guardian email address, so we can get parental permission for the child to participate, and collect and use the child's school information as described in this policy. The parental notice email includes instructions about how to give permission via a link to a webpage. On that webpage, parents can provide school information via a drop-down menu of a list of schools and their corresponding locations. If the parent provides the requested school information, we will send an email confirmation to the parent to allow the child to associate minutes read with his or her school. Minutes logged by the child while waiting for the parent to provide school information will then be associated with the school.

If a child is homeschooled, or too young to be enrolled in school, parents can designate the child as homeschooled, and no school or other physical address information is required. Minutes read by homeschooled children are logged to a general minute tally and, in the case of the Summer Reading Challenge Site, will count towards the World Record.

We will also use the parent's email to communicate with the parent about the Reading Campaign program. Parents can opt in to receive reading updates about their child's individual progress in the Reading Campaign.

If a parent does not give any requested permission within 14 days of email notification from us, we will delete the parent email address from the Reading Campaign database and will not be able to tie the child's minutes to his or her school. After that 14-day period, we do offer children the option to ask us to send the parent a reminder email, which starts a new 14-day period where the parent can give permission. Children can ask us to send up to two reminders. After that, if the parent has not given permission, the child cannot tie minutes to his or her school under that user name.

Child User Profile Pages

When a child user is logged in, he or she can enter minutes of reading time and access an individual "stats" or profile page that displays the child's user name and total individual minutes read for the year. If we have school information for the user, the profile page also displays school name, the location of the school (which may include country, city, state/province), and the total minutes read by his or her school for the year in that Reading Campaign.

User profile pages can be seen by the logged-in user whose information appears on that page, whether on the Reading Campaign site or, in the case of Summer Reading Challenge, the App. User profile pages cannot be seen by other registered users of the Reading Campaign site and are not publicly displayed on the site.

Other Activities

Any sweepstakes or contests offered to child users on the Summer Reading Challenge Site will be conducted in accordance with the "Newsletters, Sweepstakes and Contests on Kids Sites" section of the Kids Privacy Policy.

Any e-cards, "email this", "invite a friend" or similar tools that let child users share content from the Reading Campaign sites will be structured as described in the "e-Cards on Kids Sites" section of the Kids Privacy Policy.

Information collected for such purposes will not be combined with the user's Reading Campaign information.

What Happens to a Child's Reading Campaign Account at the end of the Campaign

At the end of each Reading Campaign (end of the school year for READ 100,000; end of the summer for Summer Reading Challenge), we will disassociate the child's school information from the child's account and, if the child provided it to us, and delete the parent's email address from the Reading Campaign database. The child will continue to have a kids account user name and password.

New Permissions; How to Revoke Permission or to Access, Change or Delete Information Collected About Your Child or Student

If a teacher or parent provides school information about a child user, we may email the teacher or parent to request new consent for (a) any new uses of the student's personally identifiable information or (b) collection of new types of personally identifiable information from the student, in the case of both (a) and (b), if such uses or types of personally identifiable information are materially different from those described herein.

Parents or teachers can revoke permission for a child's participation in a Reading Campaign, ask to see a child's personally identifiable information or have it deleted from Scholastic's records, and/or refuse to permit further collection or use of a child's personally identifiable information. To make these requests, please contact Customer Service at (800) 246-2986 or write to us at: e-Scholastic, 557 Broadway, New York, New York 10012. Parents can also print, complete and return this letter to the specified address; teachers can print, complete and return this letter to the specified address. To revoke READ 100,000 permission, you may also call Scholastic Book Fairs at 1-800-874-4809 ext. 8269.

If you revoke permission, your child's or student's account will remain active, including user name and password, but we will disassociate school information from your child's account, which means that your child will be able log individual minutes only, and will no longer be able to log minutes for his or her school team.

Parents can also request to have a child's account deleted in its entirety by contacting us at (800) 246-2986 or by writing to us at e-Scholastic, 557 Broadway, New York, New York 10012, Re: Child Account Deletion.

In connection with all such requests, we may ask for verification of identity to ensure that no personally identifiable information is provided to anyone other than the child's parent or teacher.

Information Submitted by Adults

Except as otherwise specifically set forth herein, any personal information submitted to us by parents or other adults on or in connection with a Reading Campaign site will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Operators and Contact Information

The operator of the Summer Reading Challenge Site is:

Scholastic Inc.
557 Broadway
New York, New York, 10012

For information specific to Summer Reading Challenge:

Call: 800-246-2986
For general inquiries:
Call: 1-800-SCHOLASTIC

The operators of the READ 100,000 site are:

Scholastic Book Fairs Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scholastic Inc.)

1080 Greenwood Boulevard
Lake Mary, Florida 32746


Scholastic Inc.
557 Broadway
New York, New York 10012

For information specific to READ 100,000:

Call: 1-800-874-4809 ext. 8269
For general inquiries:

Call: 1-800-SCHOLASTIC

For purposes of this Reading Campaigns Privacy Policy as applied to READ 100,000, "Scholastic" refers to Scholastic Inc. and Scholastic Book Fairs Inc. collectively. For purposes of this Reading Campaigns Privacy Policy as applied to Summer Reading Challenge, "Scholastic" refers to Scholastic Inc.

The effective date of this Reading Campaign Privacy Policy is May 2014.