Interview with Jake Bell & Chris Giarrusso

Jake Bell Jake Bell

The Author

Jake Bell has worked as an accountant, a TV sports anchor, a radio disc jockey, a stagehand, a professional wrestling referee, a movie studio intern, a file clerk at a law office, a bagel baker, a minor league second baseman, a marketing consultant, a magician, a cameraman, and an amusement park bathroom cleaner. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his two kids, from whom he regularly poaches ideas for his writing. Visit him online at

Chris Giarrusso

The Artist

Chris Giarrusso began his cartooning career as a kid by whiting out comic strip word balloons in the daily newspaper and filling in his own dialogue. Soon he was whiting out the pictures as well. Eventually he realized he'd save a lot of time by starting out with blank paper. Chris is the writer/illustrator of the comic book G-MAN and the Mini Marvels comic strips for Marvel Comics. Chris currently lives and draws in Queens, New York. Check out more of his art and animation at
Chris Giarrusso