Coming Apart

When Nikki's father left her family, she thought all the trouble would be over. No more screaming. No more fighting. No more rages. But now he's coming back one last time, and Nikki isn't sure what's going to happen. Luckily, she has good friends like Flora, Ruby, and Olivia to stand behind her – and a mom who cares about her kids enough to pull them through a hard time.

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Special Delivery

Flora and Ruby's Aunt Allie has always wanted to have a baby . . . and now, suddenly, it's happening! Allie's adopting–and the baby is on its way. Suddenly, a quiet neighborhood Thanksgiving has turned into a huge event–and Flora and Ruby are about to get their first cousin!

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Keeping Secrets

Flora, Ruby, Olivia, and Nikki are sad that the Willets have moved out of the Row Houses — but they're excited when they hear the new neighbors will have kids nearly their age. One of them, Willow, seems like a natural fit for their group of friends. The only problem? Willow doesn't seem eager to be a part of life on Main Street.

Evenutally, Flora discovers that Willow has a secret — a secret tied to the often erratic behavior of her mother. What's a good neighbor — and a new friend — to do?

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September Surprises

It's September in Camden Falls . . . and it's time for Flora, Nikki, and Olivia to move up to the Central School from their old elementary school. As seventh graders, they'll be sharing the halls with kids from other towns -- and from grades as high as twelfth. Flora and Nikki are excited . . . but Olivia isn't at all. She's always been the youngest girl in her class. Now she's the youngest girl in the whole school — and plenty of kids, both friends and bullies, are noticing. When Olivia runs afoul of a popular girl, she realizes she has to grow up fast . . . or get left behind.

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The Secret Book Club

Flora and Ruby are about to start their second summer in Camden Falls. An element of mystery is instantly added when someone — the girls don't know who — leaves copies of a very special book on their doorstop, with instructions to read and discuss it. Olivia and Nikki also get books, and soon the girls are starting their own book club — with some very interesting ties between the books they're reading and the things they're facing over the summer. But who's their literary benefactor? The girls don't need to read Nancy Drew to track down the answer . . .

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Best Friends

Spring has arrived in Camden Falls, and with it has come many joys and challenges. As Flora and Ruby near the first anniversary of their arrival in town, Flora prepares for a visit from her old best friend. She's excited . . . but her new best friend, Olivia, isn't. Olivia's afraid she won't measure up, and that Flora will regret ever coming to Camden Falls. It's a very big reunion set for a very big day — Camden Falls's 350th birthday celebration. Does one best friend truly have to be the best . . . or can they find a way to get along.

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'Tis the Season

Christmas is coming to Camden Falls, and Flora and Ruby don't know how to feel about it; it's their first Christmas without their parents, and the memories are both happy and sad. Luckily, Flora and Ruby are surrounded by people who care about them — from their grandmother Min to their friends Olivia and Nikki, who are dealing with challenges of their own. There's also an unexpected visitor: Flora and Ruby's aunt, whose presence promises to shake things up. It's going to be a Christmas that nobody ever forgets . . .

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Main Street Needle and Thread

Needle and Thread

It's autumn in Camden Falls, and Flora and Ruby are just starting to settle into the town. It's not quite home yet . . . but it's getting close. Especially with so much going on!

Flora is worried about spending the first Thanksgiving without their parents. Ruby is worried about getting a part in her school musical. And their new friends, Olivia and Nikki, are adjusting to big family drama. But the friendship that ties them together will also give them the strength to work things out — one stitch at a time.

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Welcome to Camden Falls

Flora and Ruby were not pale waifs shivering under threadbare blankets. Nor were they off on a glorious, romantic adventure. They were just Flora and Ruby Northrop, whose parents had died in a car accident and who were now going to live with their grandmother, Min, in Camden Falls, Massachusetts.

Ann M. Martin, author of The Baby-sitters Club series, brings the town of Camden Falls to life through the eyes of sisters Flora and Ruby from the moment they arrive. It's a strange place — where new friendships and new adventures are found around every corner.

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Staying Together

Flora and Ruby have always gotten along as sisters, but now they're coming apart. They're starting to fight all the time and nobody -- not their friends, not their grandmother -- knows what to do. It's all a part of growing up, but it's not an easy part. And Flora and Ruby are going to have to learn how to stay together... with a little help from their friends.

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