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Data Displayer: Teacher’s Guide

The Data Displayer is an interactive data analysis classroom tool designed to supplement the Cultivating Data math program, which features lessons and printables to help grades 7–8 & advanced students understand key concepts of data analysis and representation. It’s also suited to complement your other classroom lessons on data analysis and statistics.

For a more detailed overview of the Data Displayer, including technical information, click here.

Here are some ideas for implementing the Data Displayer in your classroom:

  • Many teachers will choose to have their students learn to complete statistical calculations and/or displays by hand before using tools like the Data Displayer, a graphing calculator, or Microsoft Excel.
  • Once students master data analysis concepts, the Data Displayer extends their reach by giving them the power to make calculations with larger data sets and enables them to spend more time on analysis rather than on calculation and display.
  • Projecting the Data Displayer on a whiteboard helps visual learners understand how the calculations and data displays work.
  • For homework or in-class projects, students can use the Data Displayer with teacher-provided data or data obtained through their own research.
  • Once students have mastered the Data Displayer, encourage them to explore data analysis and graphing with software programs (like Microsoft Excel) that are used in real-world data analysis contexts, such as business.
  • Students can complete a graph manually and then compare the result to the Data Displayer’s graph for accuracy.

Cultivating Data: Lesson and Worksheets

Visit Cultivating Data for in-depth lessons and worksheets on the data analysis topics listed below:

Representation of Statistical Information

  • Box-and-Whisker Plot
  • Stem-and-Leaf Plot
  • Line Plot

Constructing and Analyzing Scatterplots

  • Scatterplot
  • Line of Best Fit

Advanced: Expected Value

Supplemental: Measures of Central Tendency

  • Mean
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Range

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