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About the Data Displayer

The Data Displayer is an efficient way to calculate and graph data so you can jump right to analyzing the results.

The Data Displayer allows you to analyze data from different perspectives by providing four data analysis tools:

  • a mean, median, & mode calculator
  • a box-and-whisker plot graphing generator
  • a scatterplot graphing generator
  • a standard deviation calculator

Ideas for Use:

  • EXERCISE YOUR ANALYSIS SKILLS: Check out data through the different calculator & graphing tools to paint a more complete picture of what each tool can help you analyze.
  • STUDY THE EFFECTS OF ADJUSTMENTS: Click into any preloaded data table to edit the data. How do making adjustments to the data change the resulting calculation or graph?
  • TO THE MAX: Get the most out of each data set using the data analysis question that pops up at the bottom. Give yourself a chance to draw your own conclusions before you peek at the answer!
  • MAKE YOUR MARK: Enter and analyze your own custom data to form your own analysis results.


  • Box-and-Whisker Plot: A graph that shows the minimum, maximum, median, and quartiles for a set of data.
  • Mean: The sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of numbers in the group (sometimes referred to as the average).
  • Median: The middle number in a group of numbers arranged in ascending order. When two numbers are in the middle, the median is the mean of these two numbers.
  • Mode: The number(s) that appears most often in a group of numbers (note: not all data sets have a mode).
  • Scatterplot: A graph using ordered pairs to determine the relationship between variables in two data sets.
  • Standard Deviation: A measure of how spread out a set of numbers is from its mean. The higher the standard deviation, the more spread out the set is.

Choosing Your Data to Analyze:

Once you choose one of the above tools on the opening screen, you’ll see a dropdown menu that allows you to choose the type of data set you’d like to analyze.

Each of the following data options can be used with any of the four tools.

  1. Custom (Your Own Data): Analyze your own data by entering your own variables (max 100 rows).
  2. Sports (Preloaded Data): Analyze data to help you understand the performance of baseball teams and players.
  3. Agriculture (Preloaded Data): Analyze data to give you insights into the business of agriculture.
  4. Movies (Preloaded Data): Analyze data that takes you behind the scenes of the film business.

Browser Compatibility

  • Internet Explorer ( 8 + )
  • Firefox ( All Versions )
  • Safari ( All Versions )
  • Chrome ( All Versions )

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